Monday, April 16, 2007

GSAC and ACF Nationals

Here's an update of what I posted today. Note that there are still the rest of the VCU Open 2007 matches coming, as well as the Boston College College Bowl Jam Trash Tournament.

GSAC 2006
Episode 4, GSAC 2006 (High School). Ocean Lakes vs. Chattahoochee.

ACF Nationals:

Round 1:
Episode 5A, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 1 between Florida State and Kentucky.
Final Score: Florida State 165, Kentucky: 145.

Round 2:
Episode 5B, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 2 between Maryland and Florida State.
Final Score: Maryland 290, Florida State: 100.

Round 3:
Episode 5C, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 3 between Maryland and Pat Freeburn.
Final Score: Maryland 125, Pat Freeburn: 25.

Round 4:
Episode 5D, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 4 between Maryland and Georgia Tech.
Final Score: Maryland 220, Georgia Tech: 5.

Round 5:
Episode 5E, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 5 between Maryland and VCU.
Final Score: Maryland 155, VCU: 235.

Round 6:
Episode 5F, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 6 between Maryland and Standford.
Final Score: Maryland 180, Stanford: 165.

Round 7:
Episode 5G, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 7 between Maryland and Brown.
Final Score: Maryland 170, Brown: 265.

Round 8:
Episode 5H, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 8 between Maryland and Vanderbilt.
Final Score: Maryland 105, Vanderbilt: 305.

Round 9:
Episode 5I, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 9 between Maryland and Kentucky.
Final Score: Maryland 220, Kentucky: 210.

Round 10:
Episode 5J, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 10 between Maryland and UCLA.
Final Score: Maryland 120, UCLA: 175.

Round 11:
Episode 5K, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 11 between Maryland and Michigan.
Final Score: Maryland 160, Michigan: 210.

Round 12:
Episode 5L, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 12 between Maryland and Texas.
Final Score: Maryland 155, Texas: 100.

Monday, April 9, 2007

More Episodes Coming Soon

Sorry for the delay in episodes. They are coming soon, I promise.

The VCU Open episodes are almost finished, I just need to figure out how I skipped one of them.

After that will be recordings of this year's ACF Nationals tournament, and later I hope to post some episodes from some trash tournaments and some high shcool tournaments.

When I have some more time I will list out the episodes on this blog in detail.