Friday, October 5, 2007


The Chicago Open, Cancel Bowl, and Science Monstrosity recordings are now all up on the feed.  At some point in the near future I'll link to them all specifically here.

I also recently recorded a lot of the matches from the Maryland Fall Classic High School Tournament, but those episodes won't be posted until I hear back from potential mirrors of the event.

Tomorrow I'll be recording the William & Mary mirror of the Early Fall Tournament.  I got a brand new recording device, which will hopefully provide much better sound quality than you've heard in the past, so look forward to that.

And one of these days I'll post another "studio" episode where I talk about stuff.

Also, feel free to record your own matches and send them to me.  I'll put anything you have up on the feed.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Chicago Open Coming Soon

Sorry for the delay in getting the Chicago Open episodes up.  I've been busy writing for Maryland's Fall High School Tournament, which will also be recorded and posted in some form (although it's likely that only the playoffs will be posted).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence

The matches from The Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence are now up. This is a trash tournament, aimed at undergraduate players.

Round 1 - Y Play Ball vs. The Flying Space Pimps

Round 2 - Y Play Ball vs. UAA: We Came For the Sports

Round 3 - Pals 4 Life vs. UAA: We Came For the Sports

Round 4 - College Park Retirement Shack vs. The Beatles

Round 5 - College Park Retirement Shack vs. Dr. Evil

Round 6 - The A Team vs. Mr. T's Flying Circus

Round 7 - Flava Flav's Charm School Dropouts vs. Whitman

Round 8 - The A Team vs. This Band of Renown

Round 9 - Y Play Ball vs. Pals 4 Life

Round 10 - This Band of Renown vs. Pals 4 Life

Round 11 - College Park Retirement Shack vs. Pals 4 Life

Sun 'n Fun and the Science Monstrosity are also up on the website. They'll be added to the feed and to this blog soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What's In Store

My computer's microphone is currently broken, and the new ones I'm getting are taking forever to arrive, so there will be a bit of a delay until new episodes are posted.

But to keep you updated, here's what's in store for later this summer:

Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellent (Trash; this is actually already on the feed, but I haven't gotten around to linking to it here yet)
Sun 'n Fun Tournament (College)
Chicago Open 2007 (College)
Science Monstrosity 2007 (College)

Look for these soon.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2007 Maryland Spring Classic Tournament

The 2007 Maryland Spring Classic Tournament, our annual pyramidal high school tournament, is now online. I don't have scores for these episodes due to some problems with how the stats were entered into SQBS.

Episode Descriptions:

Episode 08A - Round 1 between Pikesville and Whitman A.

Episode 08B - Round 2 between Pikesville and Hayfield B.

Episode 08C - Round 3 between Centennial A and Mount Vernon.

Note that I was ordering pizza so I didn't record Round 4.

Episode 08D - Round 5 between Calvert Hall B and Whitman A.

Episode 08E - Round 6 between Woodson A and Hayfield B.

Episode 08F - Round 7 between Mount Vernon and Whitman A.

Episode 08G - Playoff Round 1 between ER A and ER B, I believe. Sorry if these school names are not 100% correct, for some reason I didn’t record the playoff brackets.

Episode 08H - Playoff Round 2 between ER A and Pikesville, I believe.

Episode 08I - Playoff Round 3 between Pikesville and Whitman A, probably.

Episode 08J - Playoff Round 4 between Gonzaga and Whitman A.

Episode 08K - Playoff Round 5 between Maggie Walker A and Whitman A.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TRASHionals Theme Rounds

The two rounds I recorded from the 2007 TRASHionals Theme Rounds are now up. I apologize for not making it to more rooms. It was getting pretty late and we I was pretty hungry.

Songs With Interesting Beginnings - A music round where all the songs start with primarily non-instrumental and non-singing intros.

The High School Packet - A standard trash distribution on subjects that all involve high school.

Monday, May 28, 2007

BC College Bowl Jam: Tournament Edition (Trash) - Now Up

I created a little program that makes it easier for me to do the XML stuff, so hopefully there will be less delays in getting episodes up.

On that note, the Boston College: College Bowl Jam: Tournament Edition trash tournament is now on the feed. TRASHionals theme rounds and possibly the 2007 Maryland Spring Classic High School tournament will be up tomorrow.

College Bowl Jam Episodes:
Episode 06A - Round 1 between the ICT Trash Contingent and Teenage Mutant Ninja Gerbils

Episode 06B - Round 2 between the Spoiler Alert! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Gerbils

Episode 06C - Round 3 between the ICT Trash Contingent and Spoiler Alert!

Episode 06D - Round 4 between the ICT Trash Contingent and Brandeis

Episode 06E - Round 5 between the ICT Trash Contingent and Boston College B

Episode 06F - Round 6 between the ICT Trash Contingent and Boston College A

Episode 06G - Round 7 between the ICT Trash Contingent and How'd They Know That?

Episode 06H - Final Round between the ICT Trash Contingent and Teenage Mutant Ninja Gerbils

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Sorry for the delays in getting the various tournaments up. I've been pretty busy with finals so I haven't had a chance to format and upload the files. I foolishly didn't bring the files home with me, so the earliest that I will be able to get them online will be next Monday.

Again, sorry for the delay.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Feed Problems

I realize there are some problems with the feed right now, mainly due to me having some problems with my web server. These issues should hopefully be fixed in a few days.

I will also have some new episodes up soon, including the Boston College College Bowl Jam Trash Tournament, some theme rounds from Trashionals X, and most of the Maryland Spring Classic High School Tournament.

Monday, April 16, 2007

GSAC and ACF Nationals

Here's an update of what I posted today. Note that there are still the rest of the VCU Open 2007 matches coming, as well as the Boston College College Bowl Jam Trash Tournament.

GSAC 2006
Episode 4, GSAC 2006 (High School). Ocean Lakes vs. Chattahoochee.

ACF Nationals:

Round 1:
Episode 5A, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 1 between Florida State and Kentucky.
Final Score: Florida State 165, Kentucky: 145.

Round 2:
Episode 5B, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 2 between Maryland and Florida State.
Final Score: Maryland 290, Florida State: 100.

Round 3:
Episode 5C, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 3 between Maryland and Pat Freeburn.
Final Score: Maryland 125, Pat Freeburn: 25.

Round 4:
Episode 5D, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 4 between Maryland and Georgia Tech.
Final Score: Maryland 220, Georgia Tech: 5.

Round 5:
Episode 5E, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 5 between Maryland and VCU.
Final Score: Maryland 155, VCU: 235.

Round 6:
Episode 5F, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 6 between Maryland and Standford.
Final Score: Maryland 180, Stanford: 165.

Round 7:
Episode 5G, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 7 between Maryland and Brown.
Final Score: Maryland 170, Brown: 265.

Round 8:
Episode 5H, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 8 between Maryland and Vanderbilt.
Final Score: Maryland 105, Vanderbilt: 305.

Round 9:
Episode 5I, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 9 between Maryland and Kentucky.
Final Score: Maryland 220, Kentucky: 210.

Round 10:
Episode 5J, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 10 between Maryland and UCLA.
Final Score: Maryland 120, UCLA: 175.

Round 11:
Episode 5K, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 11 between Maryland and Michigan.
Final Score: Maryland 160, Michigan: 210.

Round 12:
Episode 5L, ACF Nationals 2007. Round 12 between Maryland and Texas.
Final Score: Maryland 155, Texas: 100.

Monday, April 9, 2007

More Episodes Coming Soon

Sorry for the delay in episodes. They are coming soon, I promise.

The VCU Open episodes are almost finished, I just need to figure out how I skipped one of them.

After that will be recordings of this year's ACF Nationals tournament, and later I hope to post some episodes from some trash tournaments and some high shcool tournaments.

When I have some more time I will list out the episodes on this blog in detail.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

More ACF Regionals Episodes Up

More episodes of ACF Regionals have been posted throughout the week. Here's a short run down.

Episode 2E - Round 5 between Maryland House B and High School Team. Packet by Chicago B and Harvard C.

Episode 2F - Round 6 between Maryland House B and VCU. Packet by Harvard A and Brown B.

Episode 2G - Singles Round 1 (all teams). Packet by Harvard B.

Episode 2H - Singles Round 2 (all teams). Packet by Michigan A and Dartmouth B.

Episode 2I - Singles Round 3 (all teams). Packet by MIT B.

There are still about 3 more rounds to go from ACF Regionals. Later this week I'm going to post an episode with me reading a high school level packet from last year's Maryland Spring High School Tournament. After that I may read some trash packets from the Atlantic Seaboard Skirmish, and possibly some packets from some other college level tournaments (pending permission). Remember that subscribing to the RSS Feed for the podcast is the easiest way to stay up to date with new episodes.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Now on iTunes

The Quizbowl Cast is now on iTunes. You can automatically subscribe the podcast using this link. If you prefer to use another RSS service (such as Firefox's built in service), simply click on the feed link on the right.

Also, since the last post I have added episode 2C and 2D, which are more matches from this year's ACF Regionals.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Episode 2 - ACF Regionals

Episodes 2A and 2B are now up. These are recordings I made of today's 2007 ACF Regionals tournament at the University of Maryland. More episodes will trickle out throughout the week. I suggest you subscribe to the feed (see the link on the right) if you want to stay constantly updated.

By the way, if you e-mailed me before now (Saturday around 10 PM eastern standard time), I did not get your message. I accidentally misspelled "quizbowl" in my e-mail address, so it wasn't registered until a few minutes ago. Whoops.

Friday, February 16, 2007

First Episode Posted

The first episode of the Quizbowl Cast has been posted. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed on the right, and in a few days you should be able to subscribe through iTunes soon. If you want to manually subscribe through iTunes, just right click that feed link, and then paste into the box that shows up when you go to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast in iTunes.

In this episode, I discuss the format of the show and read 5 tossups from the Spring 2006 Maryland High School Classic and 5 tossups from the 2007 Atlantic Seaboard Skirmish.


Hello everyone.  My name is Mike Bentley and I made this little blog to host information regarding the Quizbowl Cast, a series of podcasts I plan to start recording of various quizbowl matches.

If you've ever heard the NAQT High School National Championship and ICT podcasts, you know what to expect.  The raw audio for the matches will be recorded, assuming that the people in these matches agree to have their voices recorded, and through the magic of the Internet uploaded to my webspace and made available for download for anyone interested through an RSS feed.  Once I actualy have the address to that feed ready, I will have a link to it on the sidebar of the site.  I will also submit it to the iTunes Podcast Directory for those of you who like to subscribe through there.

In general, this podcast is going to cover tournaments that I happen to go to where the tournament directors let me record matches.  The first one will probably be up early next week and will cover the ACF Regionals tournament to be held at the University of Maryland.  Future podcasts will probably also cover the Spring High School Classic that we're holding at Maryland, and maybe even a few trash tournaments.

The audio will be recorded on my iRiver t30 MP3 player, which does a decent job of capturing people speaking in a room.  Depending on how it comes out, I may also try to do a few audio tricks to balance out the levels of the different people speaking.

One other thing to mention is that these podcasts will likely contain the occassional profane and off-color remark.  It will probably be nothing crazy, but if you are faint of ear, you might want to avoid the non-high school podcasts.