Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Episodes

They're not up on the feed yet, but if you head over here you can find updated episodes.

Friday, October 5, 2007


The Chicago Open, Cancel Bowl, and Science Monstrosity recordings are now all up on the feed.  At some point in the near future I'll link to them all specifically here.

I also recently recorded a lot of the matches from the Maryland Fall Classic High School Tournament, but those episodes won't be posted until I hear back from potential mirrors of the event.

Tomorrow I'll be recording the William & Mary mirror of the Early Fall Tournament.  I got a brand new recording device, which will hopefully provide much better sound quality than you've heard in the past, so look forward to that.

And one of these days I'll post another "studio" episode where I talk about stuff.

Also, feel free to record your own matches and send them to me.  I'll put anything you have up on the feed.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Chicago Open Coming Soon

Sorry for the delay in getting the Chicago Open episodes up.  I've been busy writing for Maryland's Fall High School Tournament, which will also be recorded and posted in some form (although it's likely that only the playoffs will be posted).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence

The matches from The Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence are now up. This is a trash tournament, aimed at undergraduate players.

Round 1 - Y Play Ball vs. The Flying Space Pimps

Round 2 - Y Play Ball vs. UAA: We Came For the Sports

Round 3 - Pals 4 Life vs. UAA: We Came For the Sports

Round 4 - College Park Retirement Shack vs. The Beatles

Round 5 - College Park Retirement Shack vs. Dr. Evil

Round 6 - The A Team vs. Mr. T's Flying Circus

Round 7 - Flava Flav's Charm School Dropouts vs. Whitman

Round 8 - The A Team vs. This Band of Renown

Round 9 - Y Play Ball vs. Pals 4 Life

Round 10 - This Band of Renown vs. Pals 4 Life

Round 11 - College Park Retirement Shack vs. Pals 4 Life

Sun 'n Fun and the Science Monstrosity are also up on the website. They'll be added to the feed and to this blog soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What's In Store

My computer's microphone is currently broken, and the new ones I'm getting are taking forever to arrive, so there will be a bit of a delay until new episodes are posted.

But to keep you updated, here's what's in store for later this summer:

Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellent (Trash; this is actually already on the feed, but I haven't gotten around to linking to it here yet)
Sun 'n Fun Tournament (College)
Chicago Open 2007 (College)
Science Monstrosity 2007 (College)

Look for these soon.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2007 Maryland Spring Classic Tournament

The 2007 Maryland Spring Classic Tournament, our annual pyramidal high school tournament, is now online. I don't have scores for these episodes due to some problems with how the stats were entered into SQBS.

Episode Descriptions:

Episode 08A - Round 1 between Pikesville and Whitman A.

Episode 08B - Round 2 between Pikesville and Hayfield B.

Episode 08C - Round 3 between Centennial A and Mount Vernon.

Note that I was ordering pizza so I didn't record Round 4.

Episode 08D - Round 5 between Calvert Hall B and Whitman A.

Episode 08E - Round 6 between Woodson A and Hayfield B.

Episode 08F - Round 7 between Mount Vernon and Whitman A.

Episode 08G - Playoff Round 1 between ER A and ER B, I believe. Sorry if these school names are not 100% correct, for some reason I didn’t record the playoff brackets.

Episode 08H - Playoff Round 2 between ER A and Pikesville, I believe.

Episode 08I - Playoff Round 3 between Pikesville and Whitman A, probably.

Episode 08J - Playoff Round 4 between Gonzaga and Whitman A.

Episode 08K - Playoff Round 5 between Maggie Walker A and Whitman A.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TRASHionals Theme Rounds

The two rounds I recorded from the 2007 TRASHionals Theme Rounds are now up. I apologize for not making it to more rooms. It was getting pretty late and we I was pretty hungry.

Songs With Interesting Beginnings - A music round where all the songs start with primarily non-instrumental and non-singing intros.

The High School Packet - A standard trash distribution on subjects that all involve high school.