Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2007 Maryland Spring Classic Tournament

The 2007 Maryland Spring Classic Tournament, our annual pyramidal high school tournament, is now online. I don't have scores for these episodes due to some problems with how the stats were entered into SQBS.

Episode Descriptions:

Episode 08A - Round 1 between Pikesville and Whitman A.

Episode 08B - Round 2 between Pikesville and Hayfield B.

Episode 08C - Round 3 between Centennial A and Mount Vernon.

Note that I was ordering pizza so I didn't record Round 4.

Episode 08D - Round 5 between Calvert Hall B and Whitman A.

Episode 08E - Round 6 between Woodson A and Hayfield B.

Episode 08F - Round 7 between Mount Vernon and Whitman A.

Episode 08G - Playoff Round 1 between ER A and ER B, I believe. Sorry if these school names are not 100% correct, for some reason I didn’t record the playoff brackets.

Episode 08H - Playoff Round 2 between ER A and Pikesville, I believe.

Episode 08I - Playoff Round 3 between Pikesville and Whitman A, probably.

Episode 08J - Playoff Round 4 between Gonzaga and Whitman A.

Episode 08K - Playoff Round 5 between Maggie Walker A and Whitman A.


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