Sunday, February 25, 2007

More ACF Regionals Episodes Up

More episodes of ACF Regionals have been posted throughout the week. Here's a short run down.

Episode 2E - Round 5 between Maryland House B and High School Team. Packet by Chicago B and Harvard C.

Episode 2F - Round 6 between Maryland House B and VCU. Packet by Harvard A and Brown B.

Episode 2G - Singles Round 1 (all teams). Packet by Harvard B.

Episode 2H - Singles Round 2 (all teams). Packet by Michigan A and Dartmouth B.

Episode 2I - Singles Round 3 (all teams). Packet by MIT B.

There are still about 3 more rounds to go from ACF Regionals. Later this week I'm going to post an episode with me reading a high school level packet from last year's Maryland Spring High School Tournament. After that I may read some trash packets from the Atlantic Seaboard Skirmish, and possibly some packets from some other college level tournaments (pending permission). Remember that subscribing to the RSS Feed for the podcast is the easiest way to stay up to date with new episodes.

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