Friday, February 16, 2007


Hello everyone.  My name is Mike Bentley and I made this little blog to host information regarding the Quizbowl Cast, a series of podcasts I plan to start recording of various quizbowl matches.

If you've ever heard the NAQT High School National Championship and ICT podcasts, you know what to expect.  The raw audio for the matches will be recorded, assuming that the people in these matches agree to have their voices recorded, and through the magic of the Internet uploaded to my webspace and made available for download for anyone interested through an RSS feed.  Once I actualy have the address to that feed ready, I will have a link to it on the sidebar of the site.  I will also submit it to the iTunes Podcast Directory for those of you who like to subscribe through there.

In general, this podcast is going to cover tournaments that I happen to go to where the tournament directors let me record matches.  The first one will probably be up early next week and will cover the ACF Regionals tournament to be held at the University of Maryland.  Future podcasts will probably also cover the Spring High School Classic that we're holding at Maryland, and maybe even a few trash tournaments.

The audio will be recorded on my iRiver t30 MP3 player, which does a decent job of capturing people speaking in a room.  Depending on how it comes out, I may also try to do a few audio tricks to balance out the levels of the different people speaking.

One other thing to mention is that these podcasts will likely contain the occassional profane and off-color remark.  It will probably be nothing crazy, but if you are faint of ear, you might want to avoid the non-high school podcasts.


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